About Me

Rebecca is a fine artist living and working in Connecticut. She is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art, and has also attended artists’ workshops in mixed media, painting, drawing, and printmaking through the US and Europe.

Rebecca has been painting for over 20 years and she also creates work using collage and mixed media. Currently Rebecca leads workshops, painting events, and also takes on commissioned projects.

Originally from Connecticut, Rebecca has traveled the US and lived in Colorado, Montana, and Nevada— locations that fueled her passion for nature and the outdoors— before returning to the East Coast to be closer to family. Her work is a reflection of her love of colors, animals, people, nature, and the endless discoveries of life.

Message from me:


Here is a little back-story and how I was introduced to collage. In 2002 my beautiful grandmother Marjorie Holmes passed away, my cousins and I were given the opportunity to look through her things to find anything we might want to keep. I was immediately drawn to a box of beautiful vintage magazines and newspapers that my grandmother had saved from the 50s, 60s and 70s, like Time, Family Circle, and Life. She had even kept a newspaper from 1969 with a photo of Neil Armstrong standing on the moon on the front page!  The New York Times titled “Men Walk on the Moon” with a blurred black and white image of Neil Armstrong by his spacecraft. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my grandmother’s magazines at the time, but I went with my gut and grabbed the box— along with a great colander (that I still use), and a clown faced bottle opener (don’t ask me why!). Little did I know that box would inspire me artistically for years to come.

One night a few months later, I went to my studio and was looking for inspiration, I glanced at the box. I reached for the magazines and newspapers. Little by little I picked out different images and began creating collages with them. I became lost in the process—time disappeared. Working with found materials was incredibly freeing and I loved creating art without being confined by details, perfection, and realism.

I enjoy the process of adding on, glazing over, ripping off, covering up, subtracting, and collaging together. I will also use paint on top of collage to  transform it even more. The images used in my collages have been collected over time. They hold their own history and memory with me or in themselves which sparks my imagination. Maybe these special images will never be seen and left underneath the paint… and some will be seen forever.

I continue to explore different mediums and subject matter… but I always circle back to collage eventually. I like to uplift my audience. Like when you suddenly come upon a gorgeous view in the outdoors. Being able to express myself this way, through my art, is what I am grateful for.