Rebecca Maloney is a visual artist and facilitator living and working in West Hartford, Connecticut. Her current work is inspired by nature, imagination, and healing abilities of creativity. Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art in 2003, Rebecca works in various mediums with a focus on collage and painting.

Growing up, her art was influenced by fairy tales and stories like Alice in Wonderland. As she pursued art in college, she became more rooted in the emotions of history and the natural world. Rebecca is passionate about the ways in which creativity expresses itself and the freedom that is experienced when we are in the flow. Her work illuminates the joy of found material and color, while highlighting the beauty of the living world, and sensitivities of our internal world. Art is Rebecca’s way of understanding herself and the world around her and she encourages others to nurture their artistic expression as a means to discover insight.

Outside of personal work and commissions, Rebecca facilitates workshops; many using collage and mindfulness as a way to help folks access their creativity.

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