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Presence is Key, and I am the Key Master aka Rebecca…lol!

I have been on two trips in the last two weeks. I went to Flora Bowley’s artist workshop in Portland, Oregon and to San Diego, CA for a work convention.  I packed my journal and I didn’t open it up once!

WTF I said to myself, “weren’t you inspired to write ANYTHING?”

Today after much rest I wrote three pages. Sometimes you need to get back home and process.

I thought I would come off these trips with a huge (as Oprah would say) “AHA!” moment. I didn’t have one of those moments but instead I learned more about myself, a bit of a reality check.

I need to be more present!

In fact in while in San Diego, Jon Gordon a best-selling author and our key-note speaker suggested to find a key-word that you can use as a driver during challenges. The first word that popped into my head was, yes, you guessed it, PRESENCE.

You see friends, I like to have A LOT going on, and I do. I am working on my business as an artist, I am planning a climb up Mt. Rainer in July, I am in a relationship, and I work a full-time job! To most that might not be too much and to me really it isn’t. I love it all.

But add in thoughts like, “What are my goals, What do I want to do with my life? When should I have kids? Where should I live? When do I decide on that? Will I make money? Am I enough? Did I just eat two desserts? Fuck!”

I just want to tell myself, “Dude RELAX!” and now, instead, I will practice saying, “Remember to be Present”


Cause life is freakin’ short!

I was looking at pictures of myself from two years ago at different events and was like damn that was such a fun moment, was I really enjoying it? – IN THE MOMENT?

I also looked at my artwork from years ago, as I posted it for #TBT, and was like, damn dude, that drawing was the shit! – Did I realize my talents then?

And lastly,

Because I will never have this moment – AGAIN!

Handing someone a finished commissioned work of art and seeing their eyes light up and their smile is the best feeling in the world and needs to be savored.

While in Portland, Flora Bowley had us do a painting exercise during the workshop of painting a circle on the canvas slowly and deliberately. She said to be present with the brush-stroke. She said, “Focus on staying present with your intuition in order to follow your heart. In doing so, you offer your truest self to the world.” I loved that, thanks Flora.

So today as I sit and think about the amazing moments and experiences that lie ahead I also acknowledge the hard work it will take to achieve those goals. I will commit today to be PRESENT.

In fact I commit to becoming a MASTER of PRESENCE!…YES!!!

Hmmm… is that possible?

The answer is, in fact, YES… for the truly enlightened.

I can only strive for my best and remembering that I will never have this moment again makes it worth the try, worth the practice.

So here is an exercise for you, do one thing this week that makes you feel present and tell me about it. Or tell me about an experience you had where you felt the most present. Post it to my Facebook page at:

Or hit me up on IG and tag #rebeccamaloneyart

We are in this together!

I will be posting all the way through July, lets share and support each other!

With lots of kindness,

Rebecca Maloney


How Collage-Making can Release you…

I am a Mixed Media Collage artist…my “About the Artist” section of my website you will find out how I got introduced to this art form.

Collage means: a work of art that is made by attaching pieces of different materials (such as paper, cloth, or wood) to a flat surface, the art or method of making collages, and/or a collection of different things. Mixed Media in visual art refers to artwork that was made using more than one medium (material).

Printed materials add a new dimension to my work. I find printed imagery everywhere (magazines, gift wrap, letters, child drawings, vintage art, etc.) and I use gel medium as an adhesive. There is SO much material to choose from, I never feel bored. There is inspiration everywhere. You can decide on making an image with your paints or using a ready-made image from a printed material. There are endless possibilities… and its fun.

RELEASE perfectionism! You can let go of perfectionism because some of the most beautiful art is born through mess-ups. Mistakes are good.

RELEASE with new beginnings!  With each layer of paper there are new things to see! If you don’t like something you can paste a new piece over it. You can cut shapes, use imagery with different textures, or change the color scheme. You can even add paint to the collaged material and then collage more over it after it is dry.

RELEASE attachment! Don’t be afraid to cover some images that you love, let go of attachment to them. In practicing letting go you make room for new possibilities. And you start finding your own artistic language.

RELEASE the need to please others. Do what looks and feels right to you. It’s your art and you will choose if others should see it or not. Only your opinion matters, trust that.

Here are a few quotes on collage-making that resonate with me and may resonate with you too:

“Rapid-collage prevents any elevating movement toward a fixed goal. To ‘be nowhere’ is to let oneself be.” Josh Goldberg

“Collage is like a hall of mirrors. Every direction you look, you see something different and visually stimulating.” Nita Leland

“The creation of an art collage from the soul is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. Your soul’s voice can be heard through the images, feelings and insights that surface.” Kathleen Carillo

If you are starting out as an artist or you are already an experienced artist try this exercise…try making one 10 x 10 inch collage. Gather beautiful images that you love, a paintbrush for acrylic paint, another paintbrush for glue, and any kind of glue to start with (modge podge or gel mediums are great). You can have a theme in mind or go into it with no ideas at all.

Reconnect with your inner-child, be playful, and let the beauty find you.





Tales from the Trails, “Fuck it!” Let go, Be YOU, and Enjoy what Life Brings



Last week I was hiking and got inspired to make a video, here it is:

During my time in nature, I get wildly inspired with thoughts that I feel I should share. The escape, freedom, exercise, and beauty fills me up with positive energy.  This is what was flowing through my mind on my last hike.

-It’s time to accept yourself as you are.

You are imperfect and that’s what makes you special. I love you.

-Go into every experience being the best version of yourself.

No matter what you are doing (bored, don’t like your job, lonely, fearful) you are alive in this moment, be grateful for that, be grateful for the human experience.

-If you have a strong vibe to do something go with it.

Don’t listen to anyone except your heart, you are decisive.

-Accept others as they are.

You never know what others are going through. Never forget that everyone needs encouragement, love, patience, and understanding. If someone has ruffled your feathers, check in with yourself and ask yourself why.

-Live life by moving toward your goals even if they scare you.

Don’t forget, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

-Don’t accept anything as failure.

If you want to do a juice cleanse for a week, and then you quit halfway, and decide to get fro-yo one night and end up with indigestion, don’t beat yourself up. Admire yourself, you learned something new and are trying new things. Failure is not a bad thing.

-Move your body, listen to great music, make art, make love.

All of the above are sure to bring you joy when you need it.

-The universe is listening and wants to high five you right now!

Your dreams are possible, you are doing great, don’t give up, and if you start doubting yourself… Fuck it.

Next blog I will be writing about why I love collage making, how some of these ideas above relate, and how the process of collage is good for my soul.

What activities blow your mind?

With Gratitude,


“Tearin’ It Up” Artful Awareness on the Slopes

There is nothing like fresh air and the pureness of the white snow to open the mind for new insights. I never knew that just 2 days on the mountain would teach me new things about myself and my creativity. The experience was truly a lesson of awareness with fear and intuition…let me explain.

2008 was the last time I had snowboarded (and it wasn’t pretty), I was very cautious this go around and nervous. I was worrying I would fall hard and hurt myself.  I took a lesson from Nick, a great instructor who sounded more like he had spent half his life surfing…”Yeah maaaan, I hit this kicker last year and had a serious wipeout… concussions are not fun dude.” Nevertheless he taught me how to stop, how to turn with my heel and toe, and use my hips to direct my movement.

I was determined to overcome my fear and feel more confident on my board.  I stayed on the bunny slope and keep trying over and over again… it was exhausting unlocking and relocking my boot to and from the board but I kept at it.

I looked over at other boarders cruising down the peak and finish out their run nearby us, and suddenly felt a wave of envy. Immediately I redirected that feeling with the thought, “Rebecca take YOUR time and go at YOUR pace, it will happen if it is supposed to.” I didn’t care if I was the best snowboarder on the mountain I just wanted to overcome the fear of coming down the mountain and know what that felt like.

You see, when I am in my studio painting I just paint… there is no fear just curiosity and peace. During that first day snowboarding I reminded myself of how long it took me to paint with ease, to feel open to the process of painting, and relaxing in the unknown. I asked myself, “Are you having fun? That is all that matters.” At that moment I realized the immense fun I WAS having and the gratitude for this experience and by the end of the day I was turning with ease!

Day 2 I told myself I wouldn’t go on the lift to the top as it was too scary. I stayed low and practiced my turns that day. A snowboarding couple came down the peak and the man fell right by me. His girlfriend came up next and stopped to help him. “Hey” I said, “What’s it like coming down from up there?” The woman replied, “It’s not bad at all,” Her boyfriend then replied, “If you are trying to learn then you should go up because it’s a lot easier since you don’t have to keep relocking your boot, it’s fun too!”

“Ok, cool thanks” I said.  I was not sold yet. But it was interesting to think of the idea that if I wanted to overcome my fear action was my best ally in that moment, maybe I could learn better by meeting my fear face to face.

It was then that I asked myself this question. “What would scare you the most?”

My answer was, “Going up the ski lift and not knowing what will happen.”

And without thinking my intuition said, “Well then you need to go up the ski lift.” And then my intuition chuckled lol!

After lunch that day I found myself on the lift!  I was headed to the top! And It wasn’t the coffee with Baileys at lunch that made me decide, I decided for myself that I would regret it if I didn’t try. On the lift I noticed an immense fear of heights I had never known I had. But it wasn’t a ‘fear of heights’ I just hadn’t been that high and exposed in a long time… I mean for real if you fall out that chair that would suck lol! I sat in the feeling of borderline panic but also gave gratitude for the adrenaline rush.

By the time that day had ended I was carving… that’s right carving down the mountain! I was still very fearful but I trusted myself to feel open to the process and relax in the unknown. It was as if the universe was on my side. When I got off that board that day I felt like a new person.

This whole time I had been unconsciously practicing in awareness, awareness of my fears and my intuition. I was reminded that weekend that I am amazing just like everyone else. I learned that tuning into intuition truly works when trying to overcome your fears. I was also reminded that with time any challenge can come with ease like the ease I feel when painting and it’s important to have fun too.

Nick our instructor used the term “Tearin’ It Up” which refers to riding really well and confidently. Next time I am in the studio and relaxing into the unknown, don’t be surprised if you hear me say, “Dude I was tearin’ it up in the studio today”.

Here is a quote that I love:

“Everyone has a ‘risk muscle.’ You keep it in shape by trying new things. If you don’t, it atrophies. Make a point of using it at least once a day.” Roger Von Oech

What are some moments in your life that you were practicing awareness and overcoming fears i.e. tearin’ it up?  Love to hear yours! Please comment below.

Xo Rebecca



Buffalo Spirit: “Rebecca, what’s with you and buffalo?”

It all started when I was in art school and I would look at old picture books in the library. I became very interested in the photographs taken of the old west. I loved the mystery in these pictures. I tried to guess what each person was doing before the picture was taken.  Who were they and what did they talk about? I starting photocopying the pictures and transferred them into my paintings. Here is one of William F. Cody aka “Buffalo Bill.” :


I found photographs of buffalo too and I became attracted to the image of a buffalo silhouette against the sunset of the plains.

I came upon this book and I was hooked, it was so interesting I couldn’t put it down.


“This book appropriately covers the subject of the buffalo as extensively as that animal covered the plains. Other recent accounts of the buffalo have focused on two or three aspects, emphasizing its natural history, the hunters and the hunted in prehistoric time, the relationship between the buffalo and the American Indian. David Dary’s treatment stretches from horizon to horizon. Of course he discusses the origin of the buffalo in North America, its locations and migrations, its habits, its significance and role in both Indian and white cultures, its near demise, its salvation. But more. Dary weaves throughout his fact-filled book fascinating threads of lore and legend of this animal that literally helped mold who and what America is.” retrieved from

The beauty and symbolism of buffalo began to take a role in my paintings and drawings:

Self Portrait with Buffalo, pencil on paper 2001


Buffalo II, Violets are Growing, acrylic on canvas 36 x 24 inches 2001


It was the summer of my Junior year of college when I decided to work on The Diamond Tail Ranch, a buffalo ranch in Colorado. It was there that I could be around these magnificent animals every day. There were many incredible moments during that summer. I will never forget the day I hopped in the feed truck and we rounded up the hungry herd and dropped food out of the back of the truck as we drove 40 miles an hour… hundreds of buffalo galloped behind trying to get their fill. I learned to drive standard, I saw my first bear, and I also got to feed two babies every morning Annie and Jessie.



It was a summer I will never forget…

When I returned to the east coast I spent my senior thesis painting buffalo into my work, this one was done in pastels:



Here I used scraps I collected that summer from the ranch barn to incorporate into this large painting:



The experience and the influence of buffalo have remained with me. During those times and through the course of my life I have associated buffalo with meaning and symbolism.

-Abundance, Courage, Prosperity, and Good Luck of course…  If I ever had a moment when I was going through a hard time a buffalo image or symbol would pop up out of nowhere.  A reminder that I am on the right path. As I continue to grow into the person I am to become I regularly connect more things with this animal that relates to who I am becoming, if that makes sense…

A few years ago in 2010 I was feeling very lost and the most unlike myself I have ever felt in my life… ever have those moments? I wasn’t painting, I had left a relationship that wasn’t good for me not long before that, and I didn’t know who I was.

I decided to go to a healing where the woman leading the group had several decks of angel cards, animal cards, etc.  It was a two hour event and we took a break after the first hour.  She directed the group to stay in the room or go outside.  I did not feel like socializing and at that moment I felt very alone and afraid. I stayed in the room by myself and waited for the healing to continue.  I decided to play with the cards and chose one of the animal decks. I shuffled it several times, cut it in half and let it rest a moment before I picked the top card. I flipped the top card over and it was the beautiful buffalo represented looking right at me… I will never forget it, all of a sudden I felt like there was someone in the room… I quickly looked around as if to see if it was a trick that had been pulled on me.  No, it wasn’t, it was real… I knew in that moment I could come out of that hole I felt I was in, I felt courage, and I felt peace.



I encourage you to find what has meaning in your life no matter what it is and embrace it.  There is a reason you are being called to do something and there is a reason why the same signs keep popping up for you.

Have you seen my logo? Check it out it’s my initials and a buffalo. I want to thank Christopher Smith for his artistry in designing it. It represents all the amazing things that are in my future, courage I will need along the way, and the perfect guidance that I am on the right path.

xo Rebecca



Essentials for my Creative Space

When I am in my studio I like to feel inspired and at peace.  Over the last few years I keep things I have collected around me in the studio that are constant reminders of my creativity and ambition.  The more my studio space feels like me the more the “ME” can be alive in my artwork.  It also encourages me to be patient with myself, my mistakes, and my frustrations when creating a new painting.

Here are some of those collectables/animals and why they are in my space:

My amazing buffalo painting created by the New York City artist Craig Anthony Miller. This painting represents my spirit animal the buffalo.  It is a reminder that I capable of doing anything and can overcome any obstacle. See CAM’s work here:

Plants will forever be in my workspace.  According to Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment, there are indoor plants that regulate the positive energy flow.  Indoor plants are known to relieve stress and allow a person to feel vibrant.

My figure competition trophy from 2013 and attached to it is my Mt. Whitney permit from 2014. These objects represent my openness to the journey of my goals. In the journey is where I learn the most about myself.  Very similar in how I feel when creating a work of art.

My “I am a creative being” sign reminds me that I am perfect in my imperfection. I made this sign during a Brene Brown course I took last year called “The Gifts of Imperfection”. I love it and the love the freedom of knowing I never having to be perfect.

Lastly, my cats are always hanging out with me in the studio.  I have two but only one wanted to be in the limelight today, here is Miles. There are so many benefits to having a pet I won’t go through them all.  My cats are great at reminding me to be in the present moment.

What is in your creative space?  Share your comments below, I would love to see.


Step outside of the studio: Boost your creativity.

Today was like any other day in my studio. I was creating, painting, listening to music for hours… until all of a sudden I felt the urge to get out of the studio. I felt blocked and knew it was time to stop.

I decided to visit my friend Erica at the local juice bar. Erica gave me the lowdown on the cold-pressed juices and we did a “flu-shot” together. Turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano mixed in a tiny shot glass with pepper sprinkled on top. It was a bright yellow drink… I loved its color. It went down smooth and then gave a kick at the end.

From there I stopped at the local coffee shop. I sat for an hour, wrote in my journal, read a little from my inspirational books which currently are “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard and “Brave Intuitive Painting” by Flora Bowley. Then I laid out my plans for the week (my Sunday ritual). This was just what I needed. I felt a boost of inspiration and new it was time to get back to the studio.

On the drive home and while at the stop light, there was a person on the corner with a sign begging for money or food. It was perfect timing! A few weeks ago at a women’s group I attend monthly we put together bags of imperishable foods with a card, for occasions just like this! -See a person in need hand them a bag. I have about 15 bags in my trunk and had one handy in the back seat. I rolled down my window and called him over… he graciously grabbed the bag. This encounter filled my heart with warmth. I got home and was fueled with new ideas it was my time away for a “creativity boost.”

Did you know Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration by an average of 60%! According to the NY Times, Assistant professor at UCSF Loren Frank says that when the brain is constantly stimulated with digital devices, “you prevent the learning process.”   So take a break my creative friends! You can also get a “creativity boost” many ways. Go for a walk, visit a friend, get off the screen (phone, computer, T.V), or meditate… these are just a few ways to detach and reconnect to yourself and the world, which can spark new ideas and lead to inspiration!

Please comment below on ways you boost your creativity! I would love to get new ideas myself.

With Gratitude,


Check out Erica’s Blog:



Introducing! My first blog post…

This is history in the making!  My first blog post ever.
To be honest the idea of blogging about my life is scary.  It’s pulling me from my comfort zone.  I know that when we do things away from our comfort zone is also the place where the magic happens.  So here I am.  I know that blogging and creativity go hand-in-hand, so this will be fun!
Welcome to my site.  My intention  is to continue to make new artwork and share my experiences of my creative process.  I would like to share my gifts with the world.  I look forward to the inspiration that will come and what I will create.  Through this process I hope to serve in anyway I can, don’t be afraid to ask me questions…. about anything.
Thank you for being a part of my journey and check in regularly for my blog!
Rebecca Unchartered