Some writing… (untitled)

Go on don’t give up394157_10150455595581633_1541057044_n
You are here, you are needed
Answers might be right in front of you
They can go unseen
So simple
As this present moment
It takes courage to be here
To continue
You have it in you
You are not alone
Life is your teacher
Turn the page with every moment
Let mystery lead the way
Join hands
There is more
Asking for your presence
You are here, you are needed
Go on, don’t give up
– Rebecca Maloney

I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit me like a brick.

I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit me like a brick. I have been waiting and ready.

I have been noticing the things that grab my attention. The issues that show me where I can serve and create change. The conversations I have been having with friends and family that bring excitement. The sensations I feel on days that are overcast and days that have clear blue skies. The physical sensations in my body when I feel strong and when I feel my chronic aches. I notice when there is no aching. I have been noticing when I am triggered and inquire. I notice my neighborhood and the similarities and differences from one street to the next. When I go for a walk in the woods I listen to the sounds the beautiful and the ones that make me look to see whats rustling. When I am around my mother and father I listen to their stories and feel the love they have for each other. When I am with my sisters and brother I notice how they all bring something unique to the table and I am grateful. I watch the wonder in my baby nieces eyes when they look directly into mine. I sit in quiet stillness in the morning in my own company. I savor the taste of a fresh cup of coffee. I feel the softness of Mossie’s fur. When I am motivated to reach out to someone I make the call or send the text. I notice when fear is present and choose love instead. I open up when love is present. I make decisions that excite me. When I create I listen to all the voices in my head until they silence and I enter the flow. I find new colors to use and notice my excitement when something is visually stimulating. I notice courage when I write because I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I notice courage when I don’t know what the hell I am doing. I don’t know a lot of things and it makes me excited cause there is so much to learn and I can begin anew.

I have been waiting for inspiration to hit me like a brick.

If I can stop controlling how inspiration hits, I can notice that its around me everywhere all the time.

Tips for Motivation

Over the last several years I have made art-making a priority along-side everything else. Some weeks are easier than others and it’s important to me to stay disciplined and motivated.

The artist Chuck Close says, “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

Here are some ways I stay motivated…

I write about it.



I like to write, I write morning pages when I wake up. Sometimes they make no sense and that’s all good. If I am trying something new I’ll write about it. I include any thoughts that come up for me in that moment. I believe getting things down on paper helps make it tangible and as a visual person I like to see it there in front of me.


I’ll pick up a good book.

I like to pick up books that can motivate me and get me thinking creatively. I even started a book club recently. Getting into a quiet space with a book is a peaceful thing. When there is some peace around me new ideas can have space to pop up.



I do something little everyday.

This week I needed new motivation. I decided to play with texture and use some mediums that have been sitting on my shelf for months untouched.

Here is a small piece that I played with.



I used tar gel, acrylic skins, coarse textured medium, and modeling paste. The new materials brought me the excitement I was seeking.

20161012_125605 painting








After I started playing with these mediums I felt I was in a flow and now I am excited to see where these pieces will go from here.

I think of it like everyday a drop of water in a bucket, eventually those drops will turn into a bucket full of water.

Lastly, I like to set goals.

I decided to enter a juried show in November this year for artist’s who work with paper. This will be something I look forward to and because there is a deadline, I have to stay on schedule.

What do you do to stay motivated? What are you working on? Lemme know in the comment section below 🙂