Hello from New England!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

Rebecca Maloney Art has moved and I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut. The last few months have been a whirlwind with the holidays and all that comes with relocation.It’s been a change but it’s also been a reminder of all that I am grateful for.

I have the most supportive and loving family, partner, and friends.

AND….I have a beautiful new studio to create in! I love it because it gets a lot of natural light. Here is a picture of my buffalo skull that I was reunited with upon my return.

It hangs proudly in my studio of course. It represents abundance and the courage to be me…isn’t she beautiful?


Massima loves the new studio too, she settled in right away. She has needed extra attention ever since we lost her best buddy Miles a few weeks ago.

His passing was a reminder to cherish the now.

When I got here I thought I needed a plan right away. I felt pressure to get things going fast. I might have been trying to get busy to avoid the feelings of the change.

Change is hard but it also can be refreshing and renewing. There is a lot to learn when going through change and to me, that is a good thing… learning more about myself can lead to personal growth. Now that I am more settled I feel very inspired for the year to come.

Since I have been here I have also gotten to explore a bit. Here are some pictures from my most recent hikes in Connecticut which I plan to do more of.

I also look forward to mountain biking and cross-country skiing!




Looking ahead to 2016 I don’t have a resolution, booked trips, or specific goals. I do have several ideas that I hope come to fruition, but if they don’t… that is ok too.

Right now I hope to do more creating with love. With love as my guide I am open to the possibilities.

One thing I can predict is that I will keep sharing my love of art with the world.


I hope that this post finds you well and ready for the adventures that await you this year!

With Joy,