Introducing! My first blog post…

This is history in the making!  My first blog post ever.
To be honest the idea of blogging about my life is scary.  It’s pulling me from my comfort zone.  I know that when we do things away from our comfort zone is also the place where the magic happens.  So here I am.  I know that blogging and creativity go hand-in-hand, so this will be fun!
Welcome to my site.  My intention  is to continue to make new artwork and share my experiences of my creative process.  I would like to share my gifts with the world.  I look forward to the inspiration that will come and what I will create.  Through this process I hope to serve in anyway I can, don’t be afraid to ask me questions…. about anything.
Thank you for being a part of my journey and check in regularly for my blog!
Rebecca Unchartered