How Collage-Making can Release you…

I am a Mixed Media Collage artist…my “About the Artist” section of my website you will find out how I got introduced to this art form.

Collage means: a work of art that is made by attaching pieces of different materials (such as paper, cloth, or wood) to a flat surface, the art or method of making collages, and/or a collection of different things. Mixed Media in visual art refers to artwork that was made using more than one medium (material).

Printed materials add a new dimension to my work. I find printed imagery everywhere (magazines, gift wrap, letters, child drawings, vintage art, etc.) and I use gel medium as an adhesive. There is SO much material to choose from, I never feel bored. There is inspiration everywhere. You can decide on making an image with your paints or using a ready-made image from a printed material. There are endless possibilities… and its fun.

RELEASE perfectionism! You can let go of perfectionism because some of the most beautiful art is born through mess-ups. Mistakes are good.

RELEASE with new beginnings!  With each layer of paper there are new things to see! If you don’t like something you can paste a new piece over it. You can cut shapes, use imagery with different textures, or change the color scheme. You can even add paint to the collaged material and then collage more over it after it is dry.

RELEASE attachment! Don’t be afraid to cover some images that you love, let go of attachment to them. In practicing letting go you make room for new possibilities. And you start finding your own artistic language.

RELEASE the need to please others. Do what looks and feels right to you. It’s your art and you will choose if others should see it or not. Only your opinion matters, trust that.

Here are a few quotes on collage-making that resonate with me and may resonate with you too:

“Rapid-collage prevents any elevating movement toward a fixed goal. To ‘be nowhere’ is to let oneself be.” Josh Goldberg

“Collage is like a hall of mirrors. Every direction you look, you see something different and visually stimulating.” Nita Leland

“The creation of an art collage from the soul is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. Your soul’s voice can be heard through the images, feelings and insights that surface.” Kathleen Carillo

If you are starting out as an artist or you are already an experienced artist try this exercise…try making one 10 x 10 inch collage. Gather beautiful images that you love, a paintbrush for acrylic paint, another paintbrush for glue, and any kind of glue to start with (modge podge or gel mediums are great). You can have a theme in mind or go into it with no ideas at all.

Reconnect with your inner-child, be playful, and let the beauty find you.