Presence is Key, and I am the Key Master aka Rebecca…lol!

I have been on two trips in the last two weeks. I went to Flora Bowley’s artist workshop in Portland, Oregon and to San Diego, CA for a work convention.  I packed my journal and I didn’t open it up once!

WTF I said to myself, “weren’t you inspired to write ANYTHING?”

Today after much rest I wrote three pages. Sometimes you need to get back home and process.

I thought I would come off these trips with a huge (as Oprah would say) “AHA!” moment. I didn’t have one of those moments but instead I learned more about myself, a bit of a reality check.

I need to be more present!

In fact in while in San Diego, Jon Gordon a best-selling author and our key-note speaker suggested to find a key-word that you can use as a driver during challenges. The first word that popped into my head was, yes, you guessed it, PRESENCE.

You see friends, I like to have A LOT going on, and I do. I am working on my business as an artist, I am planning a climb up Mt. Rainer in July, I am in a relationship, and I work a full-time job! To most that might not be too much and to me really it isn’t. I love it all.

But add in thoughts like, “What are my goals, What do I want to do with my life? When should I have kids? Where should I live? When do I decide on that? Will I make money? Am I enough? Did I just eat two desserts? Fuck!”

I just want to tell myself, “Dude RELAX!” and now, instead, I will practice saying, “Remember to be Present”


Cause life is freakin’ short!

I was looking at pictures of myself from two years ago at different events and was like damn that was such a fun moment, was I really enjoying it? – IN THE MOMENT?

I also looked at my artwork from years ago, as I posted it for #TBT, and was like, damn dude, that drawing was the shit! – Did I realize my talents then?

And lastly,

Because I will never have this moment – AGAIN!

Handing someone a finished commissioned work of art and seeing their eyes light up and their smile is the best feeling in the world and needs to be savored.

While in Portland, Flora Bowley had us do a painting exercise during the workshop of painting a circle on the canvas slowly and deliberately. She said to be present with the brush-stroke. She said, “Focus on staying present with your intuition in order to follow your heart. In doing so, you offer your truest self to the world.” I loved that, thanks Flora.

So today as I sit and think about the amazing moments and experiences that lie ahead I also acknowledge the hard work it will take to achieve those goals. I will commit today to be PRESENT.

In fact I commit to becoming a MASTER of PRESENCE!…YES!!!

Hmmm… is that possible?

The answer is, in fact, YES… for the truly enlightened.

I can only strive for my best and remembering that I will never have this moment again makes it worth the try, worth the practice.

So here is an exercise for you, do one thing this week that makes you feel present and tell me about it. Or tell me about an experience you had where you felt the most present. Post it to my Facebook page at:

Or hit me up on IG and tag #rebeccamaloneyart

We are in this together!

I will be posting all the way through July, lets share and support each other!

With lots of kindness,

Rebecca Maloney


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