Step outside of the studio: Boost your creativity.

Today was like any other day in my studio. I was creating, painting, listening to music for hours… until all of a sudden I felt the urge to get out of the studio. I felt blocked and knew it was time to stop.

I decided to visit my friend Erica at the local juice bar. Erica gave me the lowdown on the cold-pressed juices and we did a “flu-shot” together. Turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano mixed in a tiny shot glass with pepper sprinkled on top. It was a bright yellow drink… I loved its color. It went down smooth and then gave a kick at the end.

From there I stopped at the local coffee shop. I sat for an hour, wrote in my journal, read a little from my inspirational books which currently are “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard and “Brave Intuitive Painting” by Flora Bowley. Then I laid out my plans for the week (my Sunday ritual). This was just what I needed. I felt a boost of inspiration and new it was time to get back to the studio.

On the drive home and while at the stop light, there was a person on the corner with a sign begging for money or food. It was perfect timing! A few weeks ago at a women’s group I attend monthly we put together bags of imperishable foods with a card, for occasions just like this! -See a person in need hand them a bag. I have about 15 bags in my trunk and had one handy in the back seat. I rolled down my window and called him over… he graciously grabbed the bag. This encounter filled my heart with warmth. I got home and was fueled with new ideas it was my time away for a “creativity boost.”

Did you know Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration by an average of 60%! According to the NY Times, Assistant professor at UCSF Loren Frank says that when the brain is constantly stimulated with digital devices, “you prevent the learning process.”   So take a break my creative friends! You can also get a “creativity boost” many ways. Go for a walk, visit a friend, get off the screen (phone, computer, T.V), or meditate… these are just a few ways to detach and reconnect to yourself and the world, which can spark new ideas and lead to inspiration!

Please comment below on ways you boost your creativity! I would love to get new ideas myself.

With Gratitude,


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