Some writing… (untitled)

Go on don’t give up394157_10150455595581633_1541057044_n
You are here, you are needed
Answers might be right in front of you
They can go unseen
So simple
As this present moment
It takes courage to be here
To continue
You have it in you
You are not alone
Life is your teacher
Turn the page with every moment
Let mystery lead the way
Join hands
There is more
Asking for your presence
You are here, you are needed
Go on, don’t give up
– Rebecca Maloney


Something about him

Stirred an awakening in me that made me feel

I needed his presence in my life to maintain

Was I in love?

Am I in love?

Or do I long for a love like that?

One that stirs an awakening inside me

And because our love runs so deep

We both stay

We are in presence with each other always

So I’ll take the gifts this man brought to me

And cherish them

And be grateful

For he is a reflection of what is already inside of me

Which I am now awake to

To experience this is to fully live

My tears are in gratitude for the experience

And the possibilities of what will come