Tales from the Trails, “Fuck it!” Let go, Be YOU, and Enjoy what Life Brings



Last week I was hiking and got inspired to make a video, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6epBU08dNZU

During my time in nature, I get wildly inspired with thoughts that I feel I should share. The escape, freedom, exercise, and beauty fills me up with positive energy.  This is what was flowing through my mind on my last hike.

-It’s time to accept yourself as you are.

You are imperfect and that’s what makes you special. I love you.

-Go into every experience being the best version of yourself.

No matter what you are doing (bored, don’t like your job, lonely, fearful) you are alive in this moment, be grateful for that, be grateful for the human experience.

-If you have a strong vibe to do something go with it.

Don’t listen to anyone except your heart, you are decisive.

-Accept others as they are.

You never know what others are going through. Never forget that everyone needs encouragement, love, patience, and understanding. If someone has ruffled your feathers, check in with yourself and ask yourself why.

-Live life by moving toward your goals even if they scare you.

Don’t forget, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

-Don’t accept anything as failure.

If you want to do a juice cleanse for a week, and then you quit halfway, and decide to get fro-yo one night and end up with indigestion, don’t beat yourself up. Admire yourself, you learned something new and are trying new things. Failure is not a bad thing.

-Move your body, listen to great music, make art, make love.

All of the above are sure to bring you joy when you need it.

-The universe is listening and wants to high five you right now!

Your dreams are possible, you are doing great, don’t give up, and if you start doubting yourself… Fuck it.

Next blog I will be writing about why I love collage making, how some of these ideas above relate, and how the process of collage is good for my soul.

What activities blow your mind?

With Gratitude,


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